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Linked roller blinds

If you’re covering multiple windows in a row or a very large window, link your roller blinds so they all move together; much easier than rolling each one individually. Our linked roller blinds offer a contemporary minimalist look when down and are super discreet when up. To match your needs and style, we offer a wide range of colours, textures, and thermal roller blinds.

Choose your linked roller blinds

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Make it motorised

Motorised roller blinds offer the convenience of being operated remotely, as well as the luxury of controlling the light and privacy in your home with the touch of a button.

  • Open your blinds from the comfort of your sofa or bed
  • The concealed motor is quiet and out of the way
  • Opening and closing can be automated
  • Choose any roller blinds in your choice of colour and specification
  • No chains or cords make for a sleek design
  • It’s a safe option for kids and pets
  • Choose one remote for multiple windows
  • Set up is quick and easy
  • Perfect for large homes with many windows or windows in hard-to-reach places
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Why choose custom-made linked roller blinds

  • Custom-made to fit your window exactly
  • Your choice of colour
  • Raise and lower all blinds at once
  • Contemporary, minimalist look
  • Can be a very cost effective solution
  • Backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Lightweight operation
  • Easy to install
  • NZ made

Why we're a good choice

  • Direct to you, no middlemen

    Our blinds are so affordable because you deal directly with the manufacturer – that’s us.

  • New Zealand made

    All our curtains and blinds (except honeycombs & readymades) are made locally at our New Zealand factory.

  • Easy DIY measure and install

    Our curtains and blinds are easy to install. Just follow the step-by-step guide.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

    We back our products with 2-5 year manufacturer’s warranties.

  • Child-safe

    Installation brackets, screws and child safe cord tensioners come with each blind.

  • Free shipping and samples

    All regular sized orders are sent free nationwide within metro areas.

Frequently asked questions

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  • We think you’re clever enough to manage that. We have step by step guides to help too. Besides, our DIY measure and installation model is part of what makes our products so affordable.

  • Yes, you can order free sample packs of your favourite curtains and/or blinds to help you choose. You can order a maximum of 10 samples in a pack.

  • We offer free shipping on regular sized orders. However, this excludes rural delivery and oversized orders. You can find out more about shipping costs for these here.

  • Think about how much light and privacy the room needs.

    Choose a blockout roller blind for rooms you want darkness in.

    Choose a light filter blind for very sunny windows in street-facing rooms where you want privacy as they are between translucent and opaque.

    Sunscreen roller blinds are good for sunny rooms where privacy is not a concern; they are see through to maintain your view but work to reduce glare from the sun.

    Dual roller blinds let you have the best of both on one window; choose a combo of blockout plus either light filter or sunscreen.

    Our linked roller blinds can be any of the single blind options; choose these for when you have many blinds in a row and want to operate them all at once.

    Read our blog to learn more.

  • Spot clean away any marks with as soon as you notice them; a cloth and a bit of warm water and mild detergent will do the trick. Don’t scrub or scour or use harsh chemicals, just dab gently. We also recommend you dust or wipe them as part of your regular cleaning to stop any build up.

  • More like, what rooms are they not great in? And the answer is none, they’re excellent for all rooms of the home.

  • Whether to front roll or back roll a blind is a matter of personal preference. A front roll blind is when the fabric is rolled forward off the tube, you may want to choose a front roll if you need to clear any obstructions such as door handles or locks. This is the most popular choice when fitting and inside fit blind. When fitting an outside fit blind, a front roll blind will leave a larger gap between the fabric and the window frame, letting more light and air movement through the sides.

    A back roll blind is when the blind fabric rolls off the back of the tub, the fabric will sit closes to the window which is better for controlling light and heat. The blockout thermal and textured fabrics will have a white acrylic backing which will be visible when rolled around the tube.

See all FAQs