We’ve designed our website and service to make it easy for you to measure, order and install
yourself. But you might still have a few questions. Luckily, we’re experts in curtains and blinds and
have answers for them here.

  • Because our products are affordable. And that’s because you deal directly with the manufacturer – that’s us.

  • We think you’re clever enough to manage that. We have step by step guides to help too. Besides, our DIY measure and installation model is part of what makes our products so affordable.

  • Yes! We think it’s essential you choose your fabrics and materials carefully. Click through to the product you’re interested in and choose which samples you’d like to see. You’ll find our full range here.

  • We do free shipping on regular sized orders over $150. However, this excludes rural delivery and oversized orders. You can find out more about shipping costs for these, here.

  • We try to get it to you within 10 working days although when it gets busy that can be longer. We’ll stay in touch via email to let you know how progress is going.

  • If there’s enough depth within the window recess to fit the blind (see our measuring guide) then an inside fit is a clean and tidy solution; just be aware on very small windows this means the blind will obstruct some of the view. An outside fit (when combined with back rolling operation) is better for not letting in light or cold air as it creates a better seal over the entire window and frame.

  • All honeycomb blinds and thermal roller blind fabrics have a white backing on the reverse.

  • Either our wooden venetian blinds which are made from sustainably-sourced, renewable, plantation-grown hardwood. Or we recommend improving the energy efficiency of your home with full length thermal curtains or a blockout honeycomb blind as both these products help improve temperature control in your home so you (hopefully) use less energy to run it.

  • Blinds are operated mainly by cords or chains. When left hanging loose, these are tempting for children to play with. But within just a few moments, if wrapped around the neck or if they become tangled up in them, the cords can be a very dangerous strangulation hazard.

    So, with each blind, we provide child safe cord and chain tensioners which you should fix in place out of reach of children. Ensure enough slack to be able to operate the blind but not so much the cord or chain can be removed off the tensioner. Some blinds have a long cord, for which we provide a cleat to wind the excess around; be sure to wind it all so there’s nothing dangling and be sure to fasten the cleat out of reach of children.

    Another thing to check is whether there is anything nearby a child could stand on to access the blinds.

  • Order free samples of the colours you like best to see how they work in your home. Hold them up to the wall and/or window frame to compare with your current décor, and remember to check how they look in both natural daylight and when the lights are on at night. When choosing whites, greys or neutrals it’s all about matching the undertones. Read our blog for tips.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide our service for windows with curves or slanted angles. To make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible, we had to draw a line somewhere and at this time, it’s at regular four-sided windows.