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At Bargain Blinds, we are committed to providing outstanding customer service and making the entire process quick and easy.

Where are Bargain Blinds made?

Our blinds, excluding our honeycombs, are handcrafted right here in New Zealand from local and imported materials, so you can be certain that our products are of excellent quality.

How can I request a free sample?

It’s easy to request a free sample and check that your blinds or curtains suit your space. Visit the Free Samples page for more information.

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery is free for metro areas. However, if your blinds are oversized or shipping is a rural area, then the following costs will apply:

Free samplesLargest blind is under 2.1m wideLargest blind is over 2.1m wide
Metro deliveryFreeFree$30.00
Rural delivery$7.25$25.00$55.00

When will I receive my order?

Most orders take 10 working days, however, some of our speciality fabrics (such as our coloured blockout roller blinds) and our honeycomb blinds, take 15 working days. If you order a combination of products, e.g. a roller blind and a honeycomb blinds, you may receive two packages as we will dispatch them as soon as they are ready.

Do Bargain Blinds products come with a guarantee?

Yes we do! We stand by our products and therefore offer the following guarantee periods:

Roller blinds - 5 year guarantee
Venetian blinds - 3 year guarantee
Vertical blinds ​- 3 year guarantee
Honeycomb blind - 3 year guarantee

Please contact us for further details on our guarantee terms and conditions.

How do I get a quote?

You don't have to wait for a quote. Start customising and the sidebar updates automatically with the total cost (shipping included). Have multiple items to quote? No issue! Just save them to your cart and come back to them later, we've added a label to each order so you know which area the order relates to.

What is your privacy & security policy?

Protecting the privacy of your personal information is of primary importance to us. We will only use your personal information when it is necessary for us to deliver your order or other necessary business functions and activities. We will not use or disclose your personal information for purposes unrelated to the services we provide unless we first obtain your consent.

Can I return my blinds or get a replacement?

Due to the customised nature of our products we cannot provide a refund if you change your mind, are unhappy with the colour choice, or the measurements supplied are incorrect. If the goods are faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. If you have received a damaged or faulty item please contact us as soon as possible to remedy the situation.

What is the gap between the blind and the window frame for an inside fit roller blind?

Our inside fit roller blinds has an approximate gap of 17mm on the control side and about 13mm on the pin side of the blind. if you are concerned about too much light coming through we suggesting opting for a Honeycomb blind as these have a 5mm gap of each side of the blind which blockout more light coming through the sides of the blind.

How do I choose the roll direction of my roller blind?

Whether to front roll or back roll a blind is a matter of personal preference. A front roll blind is when the fabric is rolled forward off the tube, you may want to choose a front roll if you need to clear any obstructions such as door handles or locks. This is the most popular choice when fitting and inside fit blind. When fitting an outside fit blind, a front roll blind will leave a larger gap between the fabric and the window frame, letting more light and air movement through the sides.

A back roll blind is when the blind fabric rolls off the back of the tub, the fabric will sit closes to the window which is better for controlling light and heat. The blockout thermal and textured fabrics will have a white acrylic backing which will be visible when rolled around the tube.

What is the backing colours of the fabrics?

All honeycomb blinds and thermal roller blind fabrics have a white backing on the reverse.

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