What window furnishings are best in which rooms of the home?

Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you choose the best curtains and blinds for different rooms of the home. Of course at the choice is ultimately yours and we’ll custom-make whatever option you want, but here are some suggestions to get you thinking…

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry

  • Roller blinds: sunscreen or light filter or dual (2-in-1)
  • Venetian blinds: faux wood or aluminum so they don’t warp or grow with moisture exposure


Venetian Faux wood blind in front of dinning room

Living areas

  • Vertical blinds: for windows with deep recesses (eg. bay windows) or over sliding or bi-fold glass doors
  • Blockout or thermal curtains: floor length for best light blocking and temperature control
  • Sheer curtains: for privacy during the day (use on a double track with a thicker curtain or over top of a blockout blind)
  • Honeycomb blinds: choose sheer or light filtering for day and/or blockout for excellent temperature control plus noise dampening
  • Dual roller blinds: with a blockout for night and sunscreen or light filter for day privacy
  • Roman blinds: lined to block out light
  • Venetian blinds: a classic that offers both a night and daylight solution
  • Roman blinds: lined to block out light at night or a sheer unlined option for sunny day rooms

Home office

  • Light filter blind: roller or honeycomb, to reduce glare on your screen or behind it
  • Venetian blinds: offers most flexible light control as the sun moves through the day
  • Vertical blinds: as above plus great for windows with deep recesses (eg. bay windows)

Sunroom or conservatory

Tips for choosing materials:

  • Tape or blue-tak the sample to your windowframe or wall and see how it looks in daylight and at night with the lights on.
  • Hold the sample up to a window to see how it filters or blocks light.