The benefits of blinds in your nursery

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Decorating the nursery is part of the fun and excitement of a new baby arriving. However, babies do have very specific needs and one of the most functional parts of the room are the windows. We believe blinds make a great option for nurseries for several reasons…

Light control

The ease of operation of blinds means you’re able to easily let in as much light as you want, or keep it out. To darken the room, opt for block-out lining to reduce natural light and UV rays. We also recommend opting to mount the blind on the outside of the frame to reduce the little gaps around the edges that occur with an inside mounted blind.

Also, bear in mind that Venetian or slatted blinds will allow small amounts of light to peep through even when fully closed and lowered. For extra light, blockage consider layering a curtain over a blind.

Here’s an example of our blinds at work in a nursery. Kate Johnson, the Creative Director of Make Hey design and lifestyle studio needed to block out the light that filled her nursery. While there were already Roman blinds installed as an outside fit, she chose our blockout roller blinds to be fitted on the inside frame.

Noise reduction

Lowering the amount of noise that filters into the nursery is unlikely to happen with a blind alone. Sound waves need to be absorbed to be stopped which means you need something soft and thick. Layering your blind with curtains will start to help, or you could consider a thick Roman blind or honeycomb cellular blind.

Health & safety

Blinds are a good option for kids who suffer allergies as they don’t collect dust, pollen and dust mites like a thick fabric curtain would.

Spring loaded roller blinds remove the risks of strangulation posed by blind cords. If you do have a cord or chain method of operation either make sure they are tightly wound around a cleat or get a tension cord and pulley so there is no loose cord dangling.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Roller and Venetian blinds are very low maintenance, needing just a quick wipe with damp cloth. If you have a Roman blind as well, choose a fabric that can be machine washed easily.

Versatile aesthetics

Blinds are really versatile, they go with most décor styles and colour palettes and as we’ve already mentioned, blinds can be layered as part of a window treatment solution.

Other design tips for your nursery

Choose fabrics before paint – paint colours are infinite as they can be customised so it’s much easier to match a paint to a fabric than vice versa.

Decorate the ceiling – babies spend a lot of time on their backs so it’s a good place to put a soothing colour or engaging pattern.

Think about layout – you won’t regret planning to have everything you need within reaching distance of the changing table.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful. If you think blinds are the right solution for your nursery, view our range and check out the latest specials.

If you want to see Kate Johnson's blinds in action, head over to her Instagram, @kate_makehey. She has some awesome before and after pictures on her highlights, so go and have a look while they're still there!

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