Common questions about blinds

“Front roll or back, inside or outside fit, Venetian or roller blind, where do I start?” Here are some of the questions we get asked regularly, hopefully, they’ll answer yours!

White roller blinds on white wall in bedroom

Front or back roll, which should I choose?

Each have their own advantages, but essentially you’re choosing which way round your roller blind hangs and which way the fabric comes off the roll (over top or underneath). A front roll fit is considered more aesthetically pleasing because the face of the blind is covering the rest of the roll. Combined with an inside mount (more info shortly), the extra clearance the roll provides also means you won’t have to worry about the blind hitting any window handles. But because it’s further from the window they won’t reflect as much light and heat.

A back roll fit is the preferred option for shallow frames because the fabric will sit closer to the window, and because of this they’ll reflect more light and heat if you’re looking to darken a room. One thing to keep in mind though is the clearance between your blinds and any window handles.

What’s a control drop?

Whether your blinds are venetians or rollers, it’s important to get your control drop right. Control refers to the chain on your rollers and the cord or wand on your venetians. We recommend they sit at 75% of the height of your window – measured from the top where the blind hangs.

Outside vs. inside mount

This can be dictated by the size of your window frames, but the choice you’re making here is whether the blinds sit inside the frame or on it/at the top. With an inside mount you’re going to get the cleanest look and depending on the size of the blinds you may be able to choose how deep they sit, providing more or less light reflection. On the other hand, an outside mount is the most flexible option because the size of the blind isn’t limited by the size of the frame. The blinds are mounted outside the frame and they extend just past the bottom of it.

Venetian or roller?

Part form, part function. When making your choice there are a few things to consider like privacy, maintenance and style. With roller blinds you’re guaranteed privacy because the roll comes in a single piece. Venetians on the other hand have the advantage of slats that can be tilted open when the blinds are dropped, however, the result isn’t quite the same as rollers. When it comes to cleaning, both types can be taken care of with a damp cloth, but when it comes to venetians you will have to get between each individual slat. And colour-wise, rollers have the most variety if you’re looking to make a statement, but neutral or wood-tone venetians will suit just about any window.

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