Honeycomb blinds - everything you need to know

Back in February, it was all about the dual roller blinds, but we’ve got another great option for your windows online right now: honeycomb blinds.

Also known as cellular shades, they’re a pretty unique product due to their energy efficiency. And because they come in six different styles and an endless amount of colours - you can hang them just about anywhere.

Why are they called honeycomb blinds?

Honeycomb blinds get their name from the shape of the ‘cells’ they’re made from. They’re shaped that way so they can trap warm or cool air when they’re down and conveniently stack on top of each other to maintain a sleek, low-profile when they’re up. Some are lined with a special foil to help regulate your room's temperature, too.

How do they work?

When air comes in contact with your windows, it’s either cooled or warmed depending on the temperature of the air in your room. The difference between these two temperatures creates convection; causing them to circulate throughout your room and make it warmer or cooler.

That means if it’s warm outside and cool inside, warmth will be brought in. But the same goes for the opposite scenario, and it’s why window coverings, in general, are essential to keep your home warm.

Honeycomb blinds help reduce the amount of heat that’s transferred by creating a barrier between the glass and your room. If it’s warm inside, the air in each cell will retain that warmth and dissipate it outside at a much slower rate than any other type of blinds. And if it’s warm outside, the same thing will happen in reverse.

White honeycomb blind in kitchen and living room

Do different sizes make a difference?

Absolutely. We have honeycomb blinds available in three different sizes; 10mm, 20mm and double cell. The measurement is taken from the length of one of the diagonal lines on a cell, and double cell honeycomb blinds are essentially two 10mm blinds stacked side by side.

This makes double cell honeycombs the most effective window covering when it comes to protecting your home from heat loss. In fact, the thermal ability they provide is comparable to the efficiency of double-glazed windows.

Sheer honeycomb blinds with curtain in lounge room 1

Where can I hang them?

Just about anywhere. The only places we can’t provide honeycomb blinds for is angled windows and skylights that run parallel to the floor. But because our range is available in light filter, sheer and blockout fabric options; they’re perfect for bedrooms, living spaces or rooms near fences and streets.

Light filter and sheer honeycomb blinds, in particular, allow you to maintain your privacy without shutting out the sun, making them perfect for home offices too. And across our entire range, you’re able to get them in three different control options:

- Cordless, that you can operate with just one hand
- Corded, that work much like classic venetian blinds
- Or clutch, that operates on a 3:1 gearing system; great if you have kids and for heavy blinds.

If you’d like to check out the blinds, click here to see which style suits your home best. Alternatively, if you’re keen to see how you can measure and install them at home, click here to take a look at our easy-to-use guides.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful.