Should you choose curtains or blinds for a kid’s bedroom?

Curtains are a common go-to in many homes – it’s what most of us had growing up after all! And curtains are great for blocking light and adding insulation to a room, but blinds shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to kids’ rooms. Blinds are often easier to clean and present fewer safety hazards for young children.

Let’s go over the main things to consider when it comes to choosing curtains or blinds for your child’s room.

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Blocking light

It’s pretty common knowledge that a dark room makes for better sleep – especially for kids. During spring and summer, this can be tough with the sun going down much later than many bedtimes.

Curtains generally provide better coverage to block light as they hang just beyond the edge of the windows, but blinds can still be a good option here if hung outside the frame of the window.

It’s important to choose triple weave fabrics or add a blockout lining for the best results. A roman blind, blockout roller blind (mounted outside the frame) or a blockout honeycomb blind are the best options if you’re going for a blind.

Adding insulation

Keep the warm air inside in the winter and outside in the summer with added insulation with the right curtains or blinds. Thicker, heavier fabrics will be best for curtains and there is the option to add a thermal lining as well. For blinds, honeycomb blinds are best with their unique cellular structure providing excellent thermal properties, however thermal linings can also be added to roller blinds or roman blinds.

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Most kids will lean towards bright colours or fun patterns so the wider range of fabric options mean that curtains or roman blinds will offer more choices.

However, be sure to consider their age. If they’re in a transitionary stage, you may want to go with something more neutral so it lasts them for longer. For example, a 12-year-old might be obsessed with unicorns, but by the time they’re 13 or 14, they’re likely to have outgrown it.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Roller and venetian blinds are definitely the easiest to clean while anything fabric will need to be washed or sometimes even dry-cleaned. Some natural fibres are especially delicate and can require professional cleaning so avoid these.

The good news is most blinds and even most curtains can be wiped, dusted or gently vacuumed regularly to keep dust from building up, something that’s especially important if your little ones suffer from allergies or asthma.

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How old your kids are

Younger children and babies are especially curious and blind cords or long curtains can present additional hazards to get caught up in. For rooms of younger children, we recommend short curtains that they can grab hold of or wrap themselves up in. And for blinds, be sure to use a cord tensioner or choose a cordless option.

Remember, your kid’s room is a great place to let their personality shine so get them involved in the process! And don’t forget you can always order a few samples to see how different colours, patterns or materials will look in your home.