Sleep easy with the best curtains for your bedroom

Creating a quality sleep environment is good for your overall health and the type of curtains you have can play a big role. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on curtains for a bedroom.

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Blocking light

It’s been well-studied that a dark room is much better for our quality of sleep, so opt for tripleweave curtains or an added blockout lining to keep out unwanted light. As a bonus, they’ll also provide some added thermal insulation as well.

Make sure to hang the curtains above the window frame and let them hand to the floor for the best light blocking and energy efficiency.

Retaining privacy

If you’re windows face the street or the neighbours, you may be concerned about privacy. In this case, consider double tracks with a sheer curtain underneath or even a sunscreen roller blind or translucent honeycomb, combined with a blockout curtain. This way you can open up your curtains during the day for some natural light while maintaining privacy

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Reducing noise

Unfortunately, curtains can’t block out noise completely, but they can reduce it. Thicker, heavier fabrics will help absorb sound vibrations. If you don’t want a weighty fabric, layers can have the same effect so adding linings or a dual track can help as well.

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Whose room is it?

If it’s a guest room that is only used occasionally, you may opt for a simple, single curtain solution. But if it’s your main bedroom that is used every single day, then you might want to consider a dual track to cover all scenarios.

And if it’s a child’s bedroom, blocking light and reducing noise is even more important to make bedtime run more smoothly. Learn more about choosing curtains and blinds for kids’ bedrooms in our latest article.

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Fabric style

The type of fabric you choose can have a big effect on how a room feels. If you want a bright, airy feel, choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. Heavy fabrics like velvet or some tripleweave options feel more formal.