Detachable linings measuring guide

Follow this method to measure your curtain accurately. Please note, detachable linings are only available for curtains with a pencil pleat heading style.

You will need:

  • A metal tape measure that reads in millimetres (mm) and is long enough to reach across your entire curtain
  • Our measuring sheet
  • Pencil or pen

Illustrated steps

Detachable Linings Measuring Guide 1

Things to consider

  • We only supply detachable linings for pencil pleated drapes. Detachable linings don’t come with hooks as they hang on the existing pencil pleat hooks
Detachable Linings Measuring Guide 2

How to measure

  • We use a ‘width x drop’ method to make sizing your curtain lining easy.

Width (a)

Measure the length of your track and record this as your width. Detachable linings are made with 50% fullness to minimise bulkiness behind your curtain and make fitting easy.

Record on your sheet if this is a single or pair of curtains on this track.

Detachable Linings Measuring Guide 3

Measure from the bottom of the hook...

Detachable Linings Measuring Guide 4 the bottom of the curtain and deduct 15mm. Record this as your drop.

Drop (b)

We recommend measuring to finish 15mm from the bottom of the curtain.

Use the last hook at the edge of the curtain as your guide and hold the measuring tape and curtain in the same hand while measuring to the bottom of the drape.