What’s the best thing about roman blinds?

We think all blinds are great, but romans especially tick a lot of boxes because they’re practical and can also offer more style choices than other types of blinds. Here are our top 7 reasons why romans should be top of your blinds shopping list

A better match to your décor

If you can’t decide between curtains and blinds, maybe a roman blind is what you’re looking for. They operate like other blinds, by pulling a cord or chain to open and close/lift and lower them. And they take up the same space as other types of blinds. But because they can be made of many of the same fabrics as curtains, you have LOTS of options of how they can look, not just in colours but patterns as well.

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Affordable style

If you like the idea of having more style options but you’re on a budget, romans use about 25% less fabric than curtains, so they’re a more cost effective way of getting that décor match. We make our romans using a ‘flat fold’ because it’s the most fabric efficient style that gives a clean, minimalist look. Other styles are the ‘relaxed’ roman which is soft and draped, or a ‘hobbled fold’ which uses more fabric to make loops at every fold for a voluminous look.

Practical for any need

Not only do our fabrics come in different colours and patterns, the thickness and lining can do different jobs:

Sheer fabric roman blinds; are good for softening bright sunlight and maintaining privacy during the day.

Blockout and tripleweave, lined, or velvet romans blinds are good for making rooms dark and maintaining privacy at night.

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Pair with curtains for a daytime and nighttime solution on the same window

If your window frames are deep enough you can fit your roman blind to the inside of the frame and have a curtain that goes over the outside of the frame. You could either have a nighttime roman with a sheer daytime curtain over top, but the best option (for less fuss) is a sheer roman blind that stays down all the time (softening bright sunlight and maintaining privacy during the day) with a blockout or thermal nighttime curtain that you close over top.

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Good for any size window, even doors!

Sometimes curtains are too bulky for smaller windows, but a roman could be just the right size. You can also use them on larger windows, and doors with glass panes (although if it’s a sliding door or bi-fold you might be better to consider vertical blinds or linked roller blinds).

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Easy operation

Roman blinds do have a complex network of strings and loops that pulls the fabric up in folds – but they’re as easy as pie to raise up and let down using just a cord or chain.

Fun for kids’ rooms

We have a range of roman blind fabrics with cute prints of animals, botanicals, stars, and marine themes especially for kids’ rooms. We do ask that you install these with safety in mind, which is why we include installation brackets, screws and child-safe cord tensioners with each blind.

Ready to give romans a go? Start by ordering free fabric samples to see which looks best in your home.