Inside or outside the frame? Where to hang your blinds.

Whether you’re planning on hanging your new blinds inside or outside the window recess, here are a few things you’ll want to consider.

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Whether a blind hangs inside or outside the window or door frame is an important point to consider before finalising your blind order. It’s also more than just a design preference as where the blind hangs can sometimes impact their function and certain styles are better hung in certain ways.

Hanging blinds inside the window recess

Inside mounted blinds sit within the window frame and provide a clean, discreet look. This option is perfect for layering blinds and curtains or dual blind looks. Inside mounted blinds are also a great choice if you want to show off decorative window frames.

However, if you’re considering inside mounted blinds, make sure you have room for them. The inside recess of your window should be at least 7.5cm deep. Another thing to keep in mind is that inside mounted blinds will restrict the amount of light that comes in when the blinds are drawn up and will sometimes allow light around the edges of the blind as well.

Roller blinds, Venetians and verticals are all great choices for hanging inside the window recess.

Hanging blinds outside the window recess

Fitting blinds to hang outside the window frame is a very practical option. You can be a bit more flexible in the size of your blinds are you don’t need to worry about a snug (but not too snug) fit. Outside mounted blinds are also usually slightly wider than the window they cover, meaning they’ll block more light when closed than those hung inside the window recess.

Of course, blinds that are hung outside the window recess will also sit further into the room making them more likely to get caught or snag on pets or people passing by—something to consider in high traffic areas.

Roman blinds can be hung inside or out, but they are more commonly hung outside the recess as they can be bulkier when rolled up (blocking light if hung inside).