How to sleep better this summer

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Ah, summer! We love the long days…until you’re trying to sleep in or get the kids down early. Trying to fall asleep in a bright room is tough and research shows it’s not great for our overall health. Melatonin (also known as the sleep hormone) is produced by a part of our brain that is sensitive to light and dark and, you guessed it, it only produces melatonin when it’s dark.

So here are a few tips on how to get a better sleep, even when it’s still light outside.

Transition from day to night – even if you’re inside

Although we can’t control daylight, you can create your own transition from day to night inside during the 1-2 hours before bed. Limit exposure to unnatural light sources and dim lights. Putting lower watt bulbs in your bedroom lamps also helps.

Of course, avoiding things like TV and scrolling your phone before bed. As hard as it is, if you’re struggling with getting to sleep, it’s worth a try.

Try a natural supplement

Some people swear by things like magnesium, calcium, valerian root or St John’s Wort to help them fall asleep. In NZ, melatonin supplements are only available with a prescription, but they are also derived from natural sources. Another common source of natural melatonin is Central Otago cherries!

If you’re considering a supplement, make sure to talk to your doctor in case there are any interactions with other medications.

Try an eye mask

For just a few dollars, you can give this option a go. An eye mask will blockout light, but not everyone finds them comfortable to sleep with.

Add a blockout curtain or lining

Many curtains and blinds can have a lining added to them to blockout most light, but this option may mean replacing your current curtains or blinds. You can also consider a dual system with curtains and blinds or two sets of curtains to get a more customised look that is versatile throughout the day.

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