How to choose the right blind for any room

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Blinds for the bedroom

In bedrooms, the primary role of blinds is to block light, so blockout roller blinds are a popular choice. Vertical blinds also allow you to manage light and privacy, but they don’t block light as fully as a blockout roller blind. Roman blinds are another popular option since they’re made with fabric for a softer look and feel.

Added insulation is another consideration when it comes to blinds in the bedroom, especially if you don’t have double pane windows. Thermal backings can be applied to most roller blinds or Roman blinds to add extra insulation for a warmer room you can add thermal backings when you got customise your blinds!

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Blinds for the bathroom

The two main things you’ll be looking for when it comes to blinds in the bathroom are privacy and moisture resistance. Bathrooms are wet, humid spaces so any material that is prone to absorbing water or will be easily damaged by exposure to water should be avoided. That rules out anything made from wood or fabric, but if you’re really after a natural look, Faux wood Venetian blinds could be a good option as they don’t absorb as much moisture, perfect for high-humidity areas such as the bathroom.

Venetian blinds are a great option for bathrooms due to their simple privacy control and the fact that they are most often made from PVC or aluminium, both of which are easy to clean, don’t absorb moisture, and are rust-resistant.

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Blinds for the kitchen

Blinds in the kitchen are a common choice but being one of the messiest rooms in the house, it also takes some extra consideration to choose the right blinds. Make sure you choose blinds that are easy to clean, flame retardant, and won’t absorb moisture or smells from cooking. Most fabrics don’t meet these requirements, although some have a flame retardant coating.

Both roller blinds and Venetians (made from aluminium) are good choices. They’re easy to clean with just a wipe down and are water resistant, so they’ll stay nice and tidy longer.

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Blinds for the living room

The lounge or living room usually gets the most sun and light, which can cause glare on the TV and damage carpets or furniture. But blocking all of the light will make it feel a bit like a dungeon. A sunscreen roller blind is a great way to let in light but filter it softly and protect your furnishings.

Venetian or vertical blinds are also popular as they both allow you to control light and privacy, dialling it up or down depending on the time of day. Vertical blinds are also great for sliding doors as they can be pulled right to the side to not block the doorway.

Roman blinds can also add a softer look as they are made of fabric, but they are best on smaller windows due to the way they operate.

As you can see, blinds are perfect for any room! You just need to consider some of the details to find the perfect fit.

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