How to choose curtains to suit grey walls

Grey is a popular wall colour but can look bland with the wrong curtains. Here’s our suggestions for choosing curtains to complement your grey walls.

Grey has been a very popular wall colour in recent years for its modern yet timeless look. But just like any room, choosing the right curtains to suit isn’t as easy as it first seems. Plenty of colours match with grey but the colour you choose will really impact how the room feels. Here are our tips for choosing the right curtains to go with grey walls.

Cushions on designer couch in modern living room

Complement the undertone of your grey walls

Grey can have either a warm undertone (think reds and yellows) or a cool undertone (think blues). Grey can also have a greenish undertone which can be tricky as sometimes a green undertone is cool and sometimes it’s warm.

For cool undertones, a blue is always a lovely complement to grey. Light shades of blue make a grey room feel light and airy while a deep navy blue tone will feel more serious and comforting.

For warm undertones, a soft pastel pink or terracotta colour can be beautiful, or consider a deep burgundy for a little more drama.

TIP: If you’re not sure what the undertone of your wall is, try holding up different colour fabrics beside it in bright natural light and see if there is one combination that seems to really pop. That’s usually a good clue.

Crisp and fresh

Grey is a very soft colour, so the crispness of white in contrast is a fantastic option to brighten up a room. The grey/white combination is also incredibly versatile and is especially suited to the popular Scandinavian interior look. White curtains are a great way to bring in the crispness of a clean white but in a way that is less likely to get damaged or stained. And as a bonus, light coloured curtains help to reflect light away, rather than absorbing it, keeping your home a little cooler in the summer.

Give it a bit of shine

Satin fabrics with a touch of shine to them create a cool, luxurious feeling, however, make sure to balance this out with soft jewel tones and metallic touches in the accessories of the room.

This style can work well with a vintage, Hollywood glamour look that can be brought to life through vintage vases, velvet furniture, and glossy tabletops.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful.