To line or not to line your curtains?

Curtains are a popular choice for a reason. They add a feeling of depth and homeliness to a room and can be perfectly customised to suit your style. Plus, with the option to add a lining, they have plenty of practical benefits as well, such as blocking light, retaining heat, and adding privacy. A good, thick lining can also help reduce noise!

The type of lining you choose will depend on your priority. Let’s go through the main types of linings available so you can be sure to choose the right one.

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Thermal coated fabrics

It’s not quite a lining, but we have a range of fabrics that have a thermal or block-out coating that functions like a lining. Thermal blockout fabrics are treated with layers of acrylic to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home. But the thermal coating can affect the way they hang so if you want a look where the drape falls softly, you may want to look at a lining instead.

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Thermal coated linings

While it sounds similar to the above, thermal coated linings are a separate lining from the face fabric. Our thermal coated linings come in one pass (light filtering), as well as blockout thermal and coloured blockout thermal options.

A separate thermal lining provides extra protection to the main fabric of your curtains as well, so it’s a popular choice for those who choose high-end fabrics for their custom curtains.

Curtains that are lined with thermal or woven linings offer very effective insulation helping keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They also usually have a softer drape than thermal coated fabrics for a beautiful hang.

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Block-out fabric

Block-out fabric is actually backed by a type of foam, which blocks out the most amount of light and gives you the most amount of privacy. For travellers, shift workers, and parents of babies, block out fabrics can be a god’s send in the bedroom. However, if you’re looking for added thermal insulation, you’ll want to consider a block-out fabric that is also thermal coated or an added lining.

Triple-weave curtains

A triple-weave curtain is made up of three interwoven layers with black thread woven throughout. These fabrics tend to be a little thicker and more tightly woven, which adds insulation and light blocking qualities, while still having a soft drape. However, if you’re looking to maximise insulation, you’ll still want to consider a thermal lining as they aren’t as efficient as thermal coated fabrics.