8 things to consider when choosing blinds for a bedroom

Blinds in the bedroom are a popular choice for their sleek look and effortless style, but there is more to consider when choosing blinds for a bedroom than just how they look. In this article, we’ll go over the top 8 things you should consider before deciding which blinds to use in a bedroom.

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1. How much light control do you want?

A dark environment is an important part of getting a good night’s sleep, especially for kids or those who are sensitive to light. Choosing a blockout roller blind or a lined roman blind that is a snug fit will provide a good level of light blocking for a high-quality sleep environment.

How you fit your blinds will also impact how much light they block. Both roman and roller blinds can be fitted inside the window frame (known as an inside mount), but there will be small gaps around the sides of the blind.

If you want more light blocking, you can choose an outside mount, where the blind is fixed to the outside of the frame. This allows it to be slightly wider than the window itself to ensure there are no gaps.

2. How much privacy do you want?

If you’re lucky enough to have your bedroom windows facing a beautiful landscape view with nary a neighbour in sight, you might not need to worry about privacy. But for the rest of us, adding a bit of privacy to our bedrooms is an important function of blinds.

Blockout roman or roller blinds will provide plenty of privacy, but if you want to also let in some light throughout the day, consider using a dual track with a sunscreen roller blind paired with a blockout roller blind.

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3. Is insulation a concern?

Depending on the type of windows you have and whether or not your walls are insulated, you may want to consider a blind that will add insulation. Insulation helps keep a room warmer in winter and cooler in summer and can make for a much more comfortable home. This is especially important for young children’s bedrooms.

Roller, roman, and honeycomb blinds are all available with thermal options. Make sure when installing, you choose an outside mount and measure the blinds to fully cover the window area for the best results.

4. Is noise an issue?

If you’re beside a busy street or need to sleep during the day, noise reduction might be something to think about. While window furnishings will never be fully soundproof, different materials absorb sound differently. For example, the thin material of a roller blind won’t do much to minimise noise, but the structure of a honeycomb blind absorbs much more sound, making it a better choice if noise is something you’re concerned about.

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5. Are the blinds you want safe for children?

If you’re considering blinds for a child’s room, you’ll want to make sure they don’t pose any safety concerns. Blinds with a corded system or chain can be a choking hazard for young children. Using a cleat to wind up excess cords out of reach helps avoid any issues. Similarly, a chain system can be made much safer with the use of tensioners to keep them snuggly alongside the window, instead of flapping around and getting caught on anything.

6. What kind of material is best?

While the material will also come down to what style you want, if you have allergy sufferers at home, you may want to consider a smooth, stiff material for your blinds. These types of materials don’t collect dust as much as fabrics or other soft materials and they are easier to keep clean, helping your family avoid allergy flare ups.

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7. What style are you after?

For blinds in the bedroom, it’s not all about practicalities. You have to live with them, hopefully for several years, so make sure you get something you like, whether it’s the soft look of fabric roman blinds, the streamlined look of roller blinds, or the in between style of honeycombs.

8. What colour or pattern best suits the room?

A bedroom is ultimately a room for rest, so although bright colours and bold patterns may be fun, it’s worth considering something for relaxing. Most people also change up their bedding more frequently than their window furnishings so choosing something low-key can give you more versatility in how your room looks over time.

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