5 benefits of blinds

If you’re building or renovating, or simply updating a few features in your home, you’re probably asking questions about the best options for window coverings. Blinds or curtains? What type? Readymade or custom-made? At Bargain Blinds and Curtains, we have all those options covered. Let’s start by going through the 5 best things about choosing custom-made blinds

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1. Get exactly the blinds you want, no compromises

We have such a HUGE range you really will get just the blinds you want, compared to having to choose from a limited selection of readymade blinds in a shop. Not only can you choose between roller blinds, roman blinds, venetians, honeycombs or vertical blinds, we have lots of variation in materials and colours so they’ll look exactly how you want too.

Because readymade blinds are mass-produced in limited sizes and materials, you’ll need to be prepared to shop around until you find exactly what you want. You might get lucky and find your windows are a common size often catered for, but the flipside is you might end up with blinds that are too big and look bulky or not wide enough so they let in gaps of light.

2. Choose the right blinds for the right purpose

Blinds can be both stylish and hugely practical. Our range of custom-made blinds offers a solution for all your needs, whether it’s for privacy, darkening rooms at night, softening bright sunlight, or staying warmer in winter.

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3. Custom-made blinds are always the right fit

Compared to buying readymade from a shop, where your option is ‘best fit possible’, you won’t be limited by size if you go custom-made. Using our easy measuring guide, you can order blinds that are the exact right size for your windows, right down to the length of the controller you want and on what side of the window it will go. You can also choose whether the blinds will be fitted inside the window frame or outside overtop of it.

4. Great quality

We are very experienced blindmakers who use the best precision technology and quality materials to make products that last. Plus, all our custom blinds are all made in New Zealand and backed by decent product warranties. That’s definitely worth considering if you’re tempted by something cheap and cheerful; blinds get a lot of use/movement and they’re located in the most weather exposed spots inside your home, so they need to be made well.

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5. ‘No surprises’ pricing

How much custom-made blinds cost varies depending on the type of blind, size and materials you choose. That’s why we’ve built ‘live pricing’ into our website, so you can see how much your blinds will cost as you make your customisations.

Shop around and compare prices, but be wary of super cheap offers as these may not be truly customised but simply ‘resized’ readymade blinds. We’re confident our prices are great value for the quality and ease of ordering when compared to an in-home consultancy style company.

Ready to get started? We offer free samples so you can see what the different materials will look like in your home. Start exploring and ordering now.