4 ways with sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are an elegant solution for reducing glare and bright sunlight. Here are five different ways you can use them – from functional to fun!

Layer with other curtains

Use a double track with sheers underneath a blockout or thermal curtain so you have an option that stays drawn during the day and something for warmth and privacy at night.

Pair with blinds

Similar to the above, a sheer curtain goes well over the top of a blockout honeycomb or roller blind or a venetian blind.

Wall to wall sheers

If you have a large window or glass doors, extend your sheer curtains beyond the frame to the edges of the room for a dramatic yet not overbearing feature. It visually expands the room and softens a boxy layout’s hard edges.

Create room dividers

A great idea in either a really big or really tiny space. Hang sheers from the ceiling to zone off areas without breaking up the space with hard walls. For example, create a dressing zone in a bedroom with no wardrobe, divide off a messy crafting or sewing area (or kids play space) in the main living, or make a blissful sleep-only area around your bed.

White sheer curtains on top of venetian blinds

Tips for optimising your space using curtains

  • Hang them high on the wall, right up near the ceiling, and right down to the ground. This draws the eye upwards creating an illusion of height.
  • Choose a fabric in a slightly lighter shade of the wall colour to open up a small room; use darker coloured curtains to make a larger space cosier.