What’s popular in the world of window treatments?

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Here’s what we’ve been seeing based on worldwide trends, seasonal changes and people’s ordering choices. We cover how to get the layered look, using neutrals & naturals, a comeback from a classic, and which blind ticks the box across all seasons.

Layered window furnishings

Layered window furnishings not only look great, bringing more texture to a room. It’s also a very functional way to go with the basic idea being you have something that filters light and maintains privacy during the day and something that maintains privacy (and blocks street light if necessary) at night.

Here are some configurations:

Window Treatements

Roller blinds: the all-season blind

No matter what time of year you’re buying blinds, roller blinds are worth considering. In winter a blockout roller blind can help block out cold; it’s also great in summer when you’re trying to sleep while it’s still light outside. In the sunnier months, a light filter or sunscreen roller blind is ideal to still make the most of nautral light while achieving the level of privacy you want and protecting furniture from sunfade.

They come in a wide range of colours, they’re super easy to install and really cost effective. No wonder they remain ever-popular.

Straight up, verticals are back

Once considered a bit ‘office-like’, the classic vertical blinds has undergone a facelift and are making a comeback. People like their sleek vertical lines, and they’re super functional, particularly on large windows or across sliding glass doors. The new modernised versions are worth a second look.

Better sleep

Anything one can do for their health and wellbeing is encouraged these days, with sleep being noted as an essential we’re perhaps not getting enough of. A dark room, reduced noise and good temperature can help. These can all be achieved with a blockout honeycomb blind.

See the range here.

Neutrals & naturals

Using a blend of neutral colours and natural finishes for your staple items such as window furnishings, furniture and walls is the perfect backdrop to easily swap in some seasonal colour trends.

Our entire range of blinds comes in a wide variety of neutrals colours, from light and bright to dark and moody.

Adding natural textures is always popular too and can be achieved by using fabrics such as cottons, silks and linens (or good synthetic versions which are more robust). Our wooden venetian blinds are a classic window furnishing; available in a number of different finishes, but the Teak and Redwood bring the warmth of real wood grain.

Cellular shades aka honeycomb blinds

We talked about blockout honeycombs just before. But this style of blind also comes in two other styles – light filter and sheer. Light filter, as the name suggests, filters light but as you cannot see through it, offers privacy both day and night. Sheer honeycombs are made of a see-through fabric that from the inside looks like seeing the outside through a soft haze. These options and the blind’s sleek design and easy operation have seen it increase in popularity throughout 2021.

See our range.

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