Custom curtains

Designer quality curtains without the price tag.
Start designing your curtains and choose from hundreds of fabrics, five different pleat styles and your choice of length. And, because you deal directly with the manufacturer – that’s us, they’re super affordable too. Follow our step-by-step measuring and installation guides, and it couldn’t be easier to get such great quality curtains.

Choose your custom curtains

Lined blockout & thermal curtains

Lined blockout & thermal curtains

  • Darken rooms and maintain privacy at night
  • Insulating properties help improve energy efficiency
  • Great for bedrooms and living spaces
Unlined blockout, tripleweave curtains

Unlined blockout, tripleweave curtains

  • Simple and efficient option
  • Blocks light to darken rooms
  • Helps with insulation
Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains

  • Soften sunlight and reduce glare
  • Protect furniture from sun
  • Maintain privacy during the day
Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains

  • Glamorous and timeless
  • Soft and cosy
  • Thickness can help block light and reduce noise
  • Creates warm living spaces and bedrooms
Linings & detachable linings

Linings & detachable linings

  • Choose thermal lining for better temperature control
  • Choose blockout lining for darkness

Why choose custom curtains?

Get more options with our custom-made curtains. Choose from more fabrics, choose how they pleat and drape, and how long and wide you want them. What’s more, they often end up being a similar price as a readymade. So why not have a go at customising to compare.

Getting started is easy

Find your look

Find your look

Unsure which style suits your home? Request free samples to see which works best.

Order free samples
Measure up

Measure up

Use our step by step guide to get accurate measurements of your windows.

How to measure
DIY install

DIY install

Simply follow our step-by-step installation guides and you’ll be a pro in no time.

How to install

Why we’re a good choice

  • Direct to you, no middlemen

    Our blinds are so affordable because you deal directly with the manufacturer – that’s us.

  • Easy DIY measure and install

    Our curtains and blinds are easy to install. Just follow the step-by-step guide.

  • New Zealand made

    All our curtains and blinds (except honeycombs & readymades) are made locally at our New Zealand factory.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

    We back our products with 2-5 year manufacturer’s warranties.

  • Child-safe

    Installation brackets, screws and child safe cord tensioners come with each blind.

  • Free shipping and samples

    We send your order free nationwide if you live in a metro area.

Here’s what people say about us

Super easy and quick delivery

Really happy with our blinds in the bathroom and toilet so ordered a curtain for the kitchen and couldn't be happier. Super easy and quick delivery. Next order is for the lounge! Thanks Bargain Blinds and Curtains.


Frequently asked questions

  • Because our products are affordable. And that’s because you deal directly with the manufacturer – that’s us.

  • We think you’re clever enough to manage that. We have step by step guides to help too. Besides, our DIY measure and installation model is part of what makes our products so affordable.

  • Yes! We think it’s essential you choose your fabrics and materials carefully. Click through to the product you’re interested in and choose which samples you’d like to see. You’ll find our full range here.

  • We do free shipping on regular sized orders over $150. However, this excludes rural delivery and oversized orders. You can find out more about shipping costs for these, here.

  • You get far more options when you choose our custom-made curtains – more fabrics, more choices . Choose from more fabrics, choose how they pleat and drape, and how long and wide you want them. What’s more, they often end up being a similar price as a readymade. So why not have a go at customising to compare.

    Fast and fuss-free yet full of style, our readymades offer plenty of options over generic store-bought ones. While there aren’t quite as many options as custom-made, simply click on the you want and select from the set sizes available. Read our blog for more help deciding.

  • Any room except kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. To choose the right one, think about how much light and privacy the room needs. Choose blockout curtains for rooms you want to be dark at night. Add thermal lining to increase energy efficiency. Sheer curtains are good for daytime privacy and filtering strong sunlight and glare.

  • The heading style is the very top part of your curtain, where it is pleated and sewn. The heading style you choose affects the wave of your curtains and how much fabric is needed.

    Choose pencil pleat for a relaxed look and flexibility to make your curtains looser or tighter.

    The pinch pleat is good for patterned fabrics; single is classic and economical while the double and triple pinch are fancier and need a bit more fabric.

    Choose the reverse single pleat for a luxuriously full curtain.

  • If there’s a windowsill jutting out or furniture in the way, you might want to make them short enough to accommodate this. Otherwise, we recommend going floor length. It’s best for blocking light and energy efficiency. But even at this length you have options. You can make the curtains float just above the floor (deduct 5-10mm) touch and bend (add 10-20mm) or pool on the floor (add 200mm or more).

  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide our service for windows with curves or slanted angles. To make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible, we had to draw a line somewhere and at this time, it’s at regular four-sided windows.

  • Order free samples of the colours you like best to see how they work in your home. Hold them up to the wall and/or window frame to compare with your current décor, and remember to check how they look in both natural daylight and when the lights are on at night. When choosing whites, greys or neutrals it’s all about matching the undertones. Read our blog for tips.

  • Absolutely! Many people do this to get the best of insulation and light and privacy control during both day and night time. There are many combinations that you can choose but ultimately the pairings will either be a sheer or light filtering curtain with a blockout blind, or blockout curtains with a light filter or sunscreen blind.

  • Do not machine wash or dry clean your curtains. Instead, give them a regular vacuum on a low setting. For any stubborn marks try dabbing at it gently with a damp cloth, warm water and mild detergent.

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