Wooden venetian blinds - 50mm

  • Slimmer slat size is better on small windows
  • Slightly more obstructed view when open
  • May allow in more light than 60mm

Wooden venetian blinds add natural warmth to any room. Made from sustainably-sourced, renewable, plantation-grown hardwood and treated with two coats of UV protection to maintain shape in the sun. A great choice in bedrooms and living spaces.

Venetian Wood blinds in bright living room with purple couch
P64614 Venetian Wood blinds in room with square table and chairs
Venetian Wood blinds in kitchen
Venetian Wood blinds modern kitchen space
Venetian Wood blinds in modern kitchen space
Venetian Wood blinds in sunny bedroom with grey chair

Why choose custom-made wooden venetian blinds

  • Made to fit your window exactly
  • Your choice of colour
  • 50mm slat best on smaller windows
  • Allows in lots of light
  • Add warmth through natural finishes
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Classic look
  • Backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Easy to install
  • NZ made

Frequently asked questions

  • We think you’re clever enough to manage that. We have step by step guides to help too. Besides, our DIY measure and installation model is part of what makes our products so affordable.

  • If there’s enough depth within the window recess to fit the blind (see our measuring guide) then an inside fit is a clean and tidy solution; just be aware on very small windows this means the blind will obstruct some of the view. An outside fit (when combined with back rolling operation) is better for not letting in light or cold air as it creates a better seal over the entire window and frame.

  • Choose aluminum venetian blinds for a sleek, slimline look; they also work well in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms as they won’t rust in high-moisture environments.

    Faux-wood also work well in these rooms as they won’t warp.

    Choose wooden venetians for a classic look in various natural and neutral shades of real timber; these look great in bedrooms, living spaces or the home office. Read our blog post for help choosing.

  • A slimmer slat size, like our 25mm, is better on small windows as there are more of them. This also means, when open there are more lines obstructing the view.

    A larger slat size, like our 50, 60 or 63mm have a chunkier look that better suits larger windows. With fewer slats overall (compared to slimmer size) your view is less obstructed when tilted open.

  • We recommend you dust or wipe them as part of your regular cleaning to stop any build up. Open the slats and tilt them to make sure you get the whole surface. You could try vacuuming them on a low setting with a soft brush attachment, or we have a handy cleaning tool you can purchase.

  • We do free shipping on regular sized orders over $150. However, this excludes rural delivery and oversized orders. You can find out more about shipping costs for these, here.

  • We try to get it to you within 10 working days although when it gets busy that can be longer. We’ll stay in touch via email to let you know how progress is going.

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