Blockout honeycomb blinds - 10mm

  • Narrower pleats when lowered
  • Good option for small windows

Thanks to their honeycomb shaped cells, these blinds work to trap pockets of air that form a layer of insulation against your widows. Our blockout honeycombs darken rooms, and help to dampen noise and regulate temperature. This 10mm cell blind is compact and suits small windows.

Honeycomb Blockout blinds in bright room with modern furnature
Honeycomb Blockout blinds in living room with green themed decor
Honeycomb Blockout blinds in modern living space
Honeycomb Blockout blinds in bedroom space
Honeycomb blockout blinds on large window

Why choose custom-made blockout honeycomb blinds

  • Made to fit your window exactly
  • Your choice of colour
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent insulation
  • Regulate temperature and block light
  • Great for darkening bedrooms
  • Choose double cell for best insulation
  • Classic look, innovative function
  • Backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

Frequently asked questions

  • Because when you look side on at the blind, it has a distinct shape like a honeycomb. From the front, however, the blind has uniformed pleats with subtle horizontal lines. They are sometimes also called cellular blinds or shades

  • The lined cells of blockout honeycomb blinds create a pocket of air that acts as a barrier against the window; quite like how double glazing works. It’s important to note that only blockout honeycomb blinds do this; the light filter and sheer versions do not.

  • 10mm cells create narrow pleats when lowered; as there are more of them they look better on smaller windows. Our larger cell size, 20mm is a good option for larger windows. We also have double cell honeycomb blinds that join two 10mm cells together; when used on a blockout option this provides the ultimate temperature control.

  • Yes, great choice. Either pair a blockout honeycomb blind (for night) under sheer curtains (for day), or use a light filter or sheer honeycomb blind (for day) under a blockout or thermal curtain (for night).

  • We recommend you dust or wipe them as part of your regular cleaning to stop any build up.

    Lower the blind and try vacuuming them on a low setting with a soft brush attachment. You can also use a hairdryer (on a cool setting) to blow through and clear out the inside of the cells. We don’t recommend using water to clean honeycomb blinds in case it causes them to lose their shape, but if you have a stubborn mark, try dabbing at it gently with a damp cloth.

  • Our inside fit roller blinds has an approximate gap of 17mm on the control side and about 13mm on the pin side of the blind. if you are concerned about too much light coming through we suggesting opting for a Honeycomb blind as these have a 5mm gap of each side of the blind which blockout more light coming through the sides of the blind.

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